Instagram Marketing & Management Services Company In India

Instagram Marketing Company in India- RankON Technologies moves a step further than its competitors when it comes to Instagram Marketing Services in India. We have paid tools and dedicated Instagram marketing experts to set up and manage your campaigns for the best outcomes.

Learn more about our Instagram Marketing Services in India. Our Instagram Marketing Services Offer:

  • Page Monitoring
  • Instagram Consultation
  • Instagram Page Growth
  • Content Development
  • Instagram Competitor Analysis
  • Instagram Management Report

What Are Instagram Management Services In India?

Instagram management services are the services that build, develop and handle your Instagram organic and paid campaigns. Instagram management includes organic and paid management of any business or individual profile. Our Instagram management services offer you complete Instagram profile management including postings, comment monitoring, running paid campaigns, monitoring and reporting of campaigns etc.

Better Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Though you can split your ad budget throughout networks, Instagram tends to have the best CTRs. As per a survey done by Fortune, Instagram advertising boasts a 2.5 times higher click-through rate than other social media platforms.

Multi-Faced Targeting Options

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram also allows advertisers to choose various advanced targeting options.

These advanced targeting options include location, interests, and several others which eventually help in giving higher returns from your ads. Rather than focus on every folk interested in technology, you could narrow down your targeting and focus on people interested in robotics.

Superior Engagement

In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram has remarkable engagement rates, according to a Forrester study. Instagram has 10 times the engagement rate of Facebook when it comes to engagement rates.

When people become highly engaged in a network, advertising tends to produce the desired outcomes. You can encourage people to click on your ad, like your page, or buy your goods if you make advertising that targets the proper people.

Higher Order Values

Various studies found that the normal order value for an Instagram advertiser is $65. Though Facebook ranks a bit higher in social media sales, the average value of the order is around $50 which is less than Instagram.

Better Conversion Rates

Instagram ads have higher conversion rates than other networks, in addition to producing higher order values. Instagram advertising has a conversion rate of 1.08 percent on average. Pinterest advertisements have a conversion rate of 0.54 percent, whereas Twitter ads have a conversion rate of 0.77 percent.

While Instagram ad costs are defensible, one important thing to remember is that promising Instagram outcomes demand a great ad campaign. To get the kind of results you desire with Instagram ads, you must constantly create and optimize your plan.