Ajio Account Management Services

Ajio Account Management Services enables you to manage your seller account online.

You can update your personal details and password, change the address where the bank draft is payable and view other transactions on a regular basis.

We are available 24/7, 365 days in a year.

Services offered by Infobeam Solution?

  • Ajio Account Management Services
  • Ajio Product Catalog
  • Ajio Order Management
  • Ajio Invoice Management
  • Ajio Inventory Management * Warehouse Management
  • Manage your Ajio account
  • Manage your Ajio orders
  • Manage your Ajio billing details
  • your Ajio return requests
  • Manage your Ajio refunds

Common issues related to account management.

  • How to fix them:
  1. Make sure that the account is linked to your email address and contact information.
  2. Contact us if you see a new issue that you can't resolve yourself, or if something isn't working as expected.